Tuesday, June 4, 2013

fire chapter one: the heart, words and light

heaven and hell collide,
and fire sloshes over the sides
white fire to purify
and black fire, that only hurts

it tries to purify,
but its too late

an explosion that never ends,
so strong
but it will eventually collapse
and explode inward,
for fire cannot only consume fire

the fingers of flame reach in and pull out the heart
and cast away,
but a heart cannot leave
it keeps being pulled back

the fingers of flame reach out
and scratch their plans on the sky,
to write words,

the words understood and
they bent matter
and void
and made light
and because words came from fire,
words gave fire light
and fire loved light

and fire made light
to light the world
and soon all anyone could see of words
were tiny points of words
and of light
and later
everyone wanted to write
and more words poured in.
and those first words were lost.