Tuesday, June 10, 2014

fire chapter two: water

the heart came back,
and fire reached out and enveloped it
setting the heart on fire

the fire burned 
and reached deep into the heeart,
and burned
and mealted
and water sprang from the ground
and water was the essence of life
for all needed it

fire and water created the
fire was the
and water the

but the plant loved water more
and fire, jealous, burned plant
but plant spread its own seeds
all over the world
and fire has burned them ever since

fire and water fought
and created weather
fire the wind, heat, and thunder
water the clouds and rain
and they looked
at what they had made in their anger
and laughed
and made up

and fire and water saw
how beautiful creating was
and they mixed
and made blood
and fire made blood
the second essence
of life
the greater essence of life

and water doused fire,
and has done so ever since.
but water still loved life,
and water nourished all that lived.
and made fire hurt and burn
all that lived.

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